2009 Warwickshire

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Total distance: 155 miles (248 kilometres)

The route for this two day ride began and ended in Fenny Compton, a tiny village south east of Leamington Spa.

Once again, we arranged to leave the van in the pub's car park on the proviso that when we got back at the end of the ride we'd come in and have a pint or two. (As it has apparently been scientifically proven that beer is better than isotonic drinks at rehydrating and replenishing carbohydrates lost during exercise we reluctantly[1] agreed.)

Barney was getting in to cycling these days, and had got himself a new bike for this year's ride. Within 6 miles he got his first puncture in six years. The day was pleasantly warm, there was sunshine and a gentle breeze, and all in all the whole thing was a good day to be on a bike. And we had a little unscheduled rest while Barney mended his puncture.

Jon had a puncture too, a bit later on, and because Barney was on a rush to catch up from the earlier delay, he offered to help reinflate Jon's tyre. The result? He borrowed my pump, got over-enthusiastic, and bent it. It's never been the same since, and no, I haven't forgiven him!

1. Yeah, right