This site is all about cyclists who want to cycle around a county in the UK.

"Why," you may ask, "would anyone want to do that?"

The answer can be found in the stories associated with the people who set up the site in the first place. Read about this site to see how it all started, with Oxfordshire in 2003.

Since then we've cycled several thousand miles around the borders of counties in the south of the UK. We've seen a lot more of the beautiful - and sometimes surprising - English countryside than I thought existed, and have found many quiet and unspoilt places that are completely bypassed by the main routes you'll follow in a car.

Cycling is a marvellous way to get to know your surroundings; you are more involved with what's happening - and I don't just mean the obvious, "If it rains, you get wet," but also the fact that there's nothing separating you from the sheer volume of world all around you - you don't just see more, you also get to feel it, smell it, and in some cases get attacked by it.[1]

If you fancy getting to know your area better by doing the same thing, please look at our routes and follow them if you wish, or let us know about other counties you've circumcycled yourself. We'd love to hear about it.

1. Stupid pheasant.