Who's who

Graham Graham - team leader, organiser, instigator. The man who thought the whole idea up in the first place. Basically, it's all his fault.

Jon Jon - accommodation. Graham's friend. One of the 'core four' who have done most, if not all of the rides. The first person to actually agree to go along with the idea of getting back on a bicycle after ahem, cough years and cycling all the way around Oxfordshire. For fun.

Barney Barney - Maps and routes. Graham's brother-in-law, Francesca's father. 'Core four' member. Started off at the front because he was the one with the maps, but these days he's at the front also because he has really enjoyed getting back into cycling and is now a lot fitter than the rest of us.

Leo Leo - Comms and web site. Graham's another brother-in-law, and Barney's brother. Last of the 'core four', and normally a lot less happy than this picture would have you believe.

Stella Stella - Joined the boys for the Coast 2 Coast ride. Amazingly did the whole thing without a functioning granny gear.

Lori Lori - Joined in for C2C. Orange optional apparently. Loves the scent of pine and water. (Found in Canada and toilets, so we're told.)

Sam Sam - Joined in for C2C. Tandem stoker and chief Leo-Cheerer-Upper. According to most reports she was brilliant at the latter.

Peter Peter. One of the 'O's in the original B.O.T.T.O.M. group. Holder of the Banzai Banana award for fastest speed on any ride we've done (51.8mph).

Andy Andy S. The other 'O' in the original B.O.T.T.O.M. Mostly famous for face planting on the Thames towpath during the Berkshire ride and requiring 50 odd stitches on his face, cycling from the hospital to meet us for the overnight, and only realising he had broken his arm at breakfast the next day.

Colin Colin. Cycles so slowly he decided to start hours before us to make sure he finished the same day. He was therefore sort of with us on the original Oxfordshire, but only in the evenings.

Nick Nick. Joined in for the Northamptonshire ride as one of the whippets - thin, fast riders who make everything look easy and make the rest of us look old, fat and slow.

Andy Andy V. Northamptonshire whippet. More punctures in one day than anybody else I know, and living proof that you should never wear yellow cycling shorts when it's raining.

Mark Mark. Northamptonshire stealth whippet. Slid through the pack with no fuss, and not a ripple marked his passing. Some of us still don't believe he was really there.